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"My head felt like it was shredding apart. Anger filled me, clouded my eyes and turned my hear into a black pit. In that moment, the 'love' I'd felt for Oni vanished. Darkness spilled in to take its place. It burned, icy hot with loathing and malice. I wanted to rip him apart, burn the pieces and scatter the ashes to the four winds, to destroy everything he'd ever touched. Nothing he could do would ever make me love or desire him again. Nothing! As I held my mother and the tears poured down my face, I grated out:

This book is about vampires, literally and figuratively.

Beneath the rational, carefully ordered surface of our world, lies another. A world that would strip away our fragile illusion of security and bring to life our very nightmares. Samara's life is shattered when she is unwillingly dragged into that world. Alone, she struggles to come to terms with her loss, and with what she has become. But in the deepest darkness she finds unusual allies, and the brightest light of all may in fact be her own.

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A. R. Hill has been an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy and horror novels almost all her life, and has her grandmother to thank for introducing her to them, starting with Isaac Asimov at the tender age of six.