Division Six: The Information Crisis
Kickstarter Proposal Rough Draft
Division Six: The Information Crisis
An RPG where players have a chance to become something greater than the individual.

Kickstarter goal: $7,000

It is the year 2000. For centuries, the secret government organization known as Division Six has protected mankind from the servants of darkness - monsters, dark fae, evil spirits, and the greatest threat of all, the Infernals. Now, the dotcom boom has allowed the spread of the Infernals' greatest tool: The Book of Demons, a manual on how to summon the denizens of Hell. Demonic activity has reached a fever-pitch. Put on the badge, take the oath, and prepare to defend humanity from the forces that would devour it.

The Project
Division Six is a skill-based table-top RPG that asks the question: What if there was a secret government organization founded to fight demons, and what if they were losing? Players take on the role of an empowered Special Agent in the Walker Program, a trans-government effort to subdue, destroy, or deflect supernatural threats.

We can handle the vast majority of this project in-house. We have the rules, the world is being fleshed out, canon characters are taking the stage to fight alongside your PCs, and alpha testing is done. We've got an ass-kicking, excessive-comma-karate-choping editor on standby. We'll be launching the open beta campaign six months after the Kickstarter campaign completes, enough time to put some spit and polish on the text for our beta testers. No tabletop RPG is complete without artwork though, and that's where we need your help. Artists don't work for free, and they shouldn't be asked to. Supporting this project will enable us to commission artwork for the rulebook at fair prices. Because we want to have the end goal already in sight and because we want to show you exactly where your money is going, we have already selected the artists for this project. The following awesome individuals have agreed to contribute their time and talent:

Noah Kirkbride
Lindsey Douglas
Tobias Gurl
Said Angel
Thomas Small
Ryan Boggs
Darya Chi

Our goal is to have this whole thing “arted” out, through beta testing, and released into the wide world within the next two years. Art is usually the biggest stumbling block for us so being able to work with a large team is a huge time-saver.
Currently, we plan to offer our artists $200 for intricate full-page images, $100 for simpler full-page images, $75 for half-page images, and $25 for quarter-page images (tchotchkes). All images will be in grayscale (unless we make our stretch goal). We are planning for 5 of the intricate full-page images, 15 of the simpler full-page, 25 of the half-page, and 50 of the small (1/4 page) images, split among the artists by interest and ability. The majority of our Kickstarter goal goes to purchase this; the rest will cover Kickstarter fees and the production and shipping of physical reward assets.

What You Get in Return
Here's the reward tiers as they are currently planned. (Note: They'll be moved to the side in the actual Kickstarter, like normal)
$5 - Name listed in credits page
$10 - Become one of our beta testers! Receive a PDF beta copy of Division Six and get a chance to put YOUR mark on our creation! Your name will still be listed on the credits page, marked with a special symbol to show how awesome you are!
$15 - Entry into our beta testing program, plus your name gets upgraded to Division Six Analyst status.
$30 - Copy of the completed Division Six PDF rulebook, plus everything in the previous tiers.
$45 - Physical Copy of Division Six, plus everything in the previous tiers.
$55 - Everything in the previous tiers, plus three brand-new Divsion Six short stories.
$75 - Everything in the previous tiers, except that your name gets upgraded to Agent.
$100 - Everything in the previous tiers, except that your credits title is upgraded to Special Agent.
$350 (limit 10) - Everything in the previous tiers, plus work with our developers to design your own Action, Rune or Spell that will appear in Division Six.
$500 - Everything in the previous tiers, with your credits title upgraded to Deputy Director
The first five people to snag this tier will have a canon Deputy Director named after them!
$1000 - (limit 1) Become the Director of Division Six! Receive everything listed in the previous tiers, plus we will name the Director of Division Six after you.

Physical copies of Division Six will be printed through CreateSpace. PDF copies will be carried on DriveThruRPG.com and our website. Once everything is complete, physical copies will be drop-shipped to their recipients. PDF copies (and all other digital prizes) will be made available for download on our website using a special code sent to you through Kickstarter DM.

Still with us? Have a look at what Division Six has to offer:

The System
Division Six is a skill-based tabletop RPG with ten skill categories that govern different ability types. The system uses d6's and d10's to determine the outcomes of skill usage, combat, etc. Here's a quick rundown of the different skill types:
Combat: Melee
Combat: Missile
Combat: Defense
Players mix and match among the skill groups to develop an Agent with distinctive specialties. Concentration under one skill type grants greater flexibility with that power, but taking a little bit of everything enables an Agent to deal with a wide spectrum of problems. At high enough levels, Agents have the control necessary to blend different skills to create unique effects.

Division Six
Division Six is the current name of an ancient organization founded by the Earthwalker Rowan and the Ether Mage Leviathan. It exists to protect humanity from depredation by hostile supernatural entities, to regulate benign supernatural entities, and to mitigate the effects of harmful supernatural phenomena. Every major government organization has a branch of Division Six, disguised as a department of a public government organization. Someone high in the public branch operates as a "handler", overseeing interactions (and compliance on the part of Division Six) between the two sections and running interference when necessary. Division Six has its own central command center, hidden somewhere in the North American continent. The existence of Division Six and the supernatural in general are fiercely protected secrets, enforced by a variety of savory and unsavory methods.

The Multiverse
Division Six takes place in an infinite multiverse knows as the Nexus, connected by the all-ecompassing Ether, an endless dimension that exists at all points in time and space. Power is granted through a Connection, either Direct or Indirect, to a dimension. Direct Connections provide massive power but are limited in variety of abilities they provide. Indirect Connections feed through the Ether, which makes them less-powerful but infinitely more varied. Only a few species in each realm are capable of forging a Connection, and of those, fewer still can forge Direct Connections with dimensions other than their own. Each dimension has one or two species capable of Connection. Some serve as the realm's stewards and protectors, or emissaries to other planes of existence, while others are conquerors and tyrants.
There are an infinite number of potential worlds in Division Six, but for the sake of everyone's sanity the game focuses on a select handful. The game's primary location is the dimension called “Reality”, an alternate-universe version of modern Earth. This world is populated by two primary sentient species capable of Connection: humanity and the Fae. But Reality has the unique trait that any living thing on the planet may spontaneously form a Connection with any dimension, making the realm highly desirable as a resource for souls (for more information on the important of Flux species, see the Genesis Wars below). For this reason, many creatures from other realms can be found in Reality, and there are several cross-dimension creatures unique to the dimension such as werewolves (Reality-Death) and monsters (Reality-Pandemonium).
The Elemental Dominion:

The Gensis Wars and the Founding of Division Six
Thousands of years ago, the Celestial and Infernal realms fought a bitter war for control of the so-called "Flux" dimensions, rare planes of existence that gave birth to whole species (or sometimes whole biospheres) capable of forming Connections with other realms. The Celestials and Infernals are transmutational races - the only way for a new Angel or Demon to be born is for another creature to become an Angel or Demon by forging a Connection upon death to the relevent dimension through the merit (or wickedness) of their actions in life. These Genesis Wars ripped across the Nexus, destroying dimension after dimension and leaving devastation in their wake as each side fought for dominion over the precious Flux souls. The war came to a head in the realm known as Reality - the home dimension of humanity and the eventual birthplace of Division Six. Both sides realized that if something did not change there would be nothing left to fight over. Thus, the Great Bargain was struck. The Divine and Infernal powers agreed never to set foot in Reality again - except by invitation.
Both sides left books of instruction with a young humanity that was only just beginning to emerge from their caves. These books contained rites and spells that granted immense power and allowed the practitioner to reach out across the Ether to invite each respective power to cross into Reality. Let the humans choose, the Angels and Demons agreed. Confident that their straight-forward ways would prevail, the Angels left Reality without any further tampering. But the Demons were not about to let things get started on equal footing. They left, but not without leaving something else behind - a human agent, already corrupt and well on his way to joining the ranks of Hell. Within the first fortnight, this would-be Demon stole both books. With the Book of Demons, he opened a gateway to the Infernal Realms. The Book of Angels could not be destroyed, so it was hidden beneath fire and stone in the very heart of the earth itself.
With the Angels bound by the Bargain and unable to act without reigniting the Genesis Wars, the Demons ran savage across the land. They slaughterd, pillaged, and goaded humanity to greater and greater acts of violence and depravity. Reality became the crucible in which the greatest of devils were forged and all else became meat.