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2019-09-23: Treasure Hunters web page has been updated! Not too many left before the website has been fully updated and I’m able to move on to other projects.

2019-09-16: Website and Division Six are still in progress. The revamp for Division Six is going well. Hopefully we will have a new page updated this week.

2019-09-08: Another page on the website has been updated. Its slow going but at least we are making progress.

2019-09-02: We have a new front page for our website! The rest of the pages should follow soon. We are using feedback from Gencon to continue development of Division Six and implement changes based off the playtesting sessions. So, thank you to everyone who took part and provided valuable feedback!

2019-07-28: We are going to be at Gencon this year! We are running events for both Treasure Hunter and Division Six. Treasure Hunter will also be available for sale at the IGDN booth 132 in the dealers hall.

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