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2018-08-08: We had a fantastic time at Gencon this last weekend and met a lot of really great people. Thank you to everyone who came and played Treasure Hunter and Division Six!

2018-01-20: Our dice rolling app has been updated with a new feature that allows you to add a multiplier to your dice total automatically.

2018-01-16: The Treasure Hunter pdf is on sale as part of the New Year, New Game sale over at Drive Thru RPG! Get it now for just $7.49!

2017-12-26: Love treasure, but hate parting with yours? Treasure Hunter is on sale! Now until January 3rd, get it for $14.99 at Amazon.

2017-09-25: Good news! We have updated the treasure rolling application for Treasure Hunter. The treasure roller will now stack items instead of listing them individually. So instead of displaying three life potions when you roll that many it will show Life Point X 3. Items will also always appear in the same order.

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