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2023-09-07: I’m working on a new system for the company called the 5/12 system. From now on all Eroth Productions games will use the 5/12 system. Division Six is still in development and will also be modified to use the new system. Nothing about the games campaign, background, or atmosphere will change. I’m also working on a collectable card game and a fantasy RPG using the system as well. More to come on those things.

2022-05-12: I swear I’m still alive. I have about three abilities left before I send this off to editing/flavor text/creative writing. They are complex abilities but I should be done before the end of the month and have the doc out to the next department (My wife) on time.

2021-11-05: Tomorrow is acadecon. I will be running demo’s during the whole con and looking forward to it. See you there!

2021-09-22: The Social skill tree is now complete. There is only one tree left and then I will be working on the magic item effects and stating the monsters. The last tree is going to be the hardest since it is the least developed so far.

2021-07-13: The Tracking tree is complete. That only leaves two trees left. There will be some proofreading and a little work on other smaller area’s like magic items after the skills are done but we are making progress.

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