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2021-05-01: We are going to be at Nerkcon tomorrow! That’s all. You are dismissed. :P

2021-03-25: Finished up the fourth to last skill list. 3 more to go and the skills for the game will be complete! Hopefully the next three will be a little easer to finish.

2020-12-31: Greetings and happy new year! Still working on the skill rework for Division 6. About halfway done with one of the four remaining skill sets. I think this one will probably be one of the hardest one’s so hopefully some of the others will go faster.

2020-08-28: So, 3 more skill sets are done taking us to 7 out of 11. The next ones are going to take more time since they not only require editing but some are missing skills that will need to be added.

2020-08-25: For some reason I though there where 12 skill lists. There are actually 11. So, one more is down and that makes 4 out of 11 skill lists completed. I have also revamped weapons to align with the new combat system so progress is good.

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